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Mathews Genesis Bow Review

by Will Allen

Outdoor writer Will Allen reviews the Mathews Genesis bow. Will tests the Genesis bow with his eight year old son.

The Mathews Genesis bow may be the top bow for new archers.  It's ease of shooting and adjustability has made the Genesis the exclusive bow of the National Archery in Schools Program (NASP).  In this review of the Mathew Genesis bow, outdoor writer Will Allen describes his experience teaching a youngster archery with the Genesis.  


I purchased a Mathews Genesis bow for my 8 year old son a few months ago so I can spend more time with him. I love to shoot at the range and this gives him something he can do with me. It has been a lot of fun teaching him archery and watching him learn and grow as a young archer.

The bow comes out of the box at 20 pounds. That was a little too much for him. The good news is it is very easy to adjust the weight. Simply take an Allen wrench and turn the bolts on the bow. Just make sure to turn the top and bottom bolts the same amount of times. I would do one full turn on the top and one full turn on the bottom until the weight was right for him. The guys at YouthArcherySupply.com say you can take about four full turns to get the bow to ten pounds.

One of the things that is scary for a newcomer to archery is figuring out what draw length to purchase. The Genesis takes that out of the equation. The bow fits almost anyone(more about that later). There is no draw length to set.

After the weight was set all I needed to do was install the rest and the bow was ready to shoot about five minutes after we took it out of the box. The rest that comes with the bow is really simple. All you have to do is screw it into the bow and youíre ready to shoot. One of the best tips anyone ever gave me about teaching a kid to shoot a bow is to use a big target. When kids get started with anything there is going to be a learning curve. But since he was hitting the target, he was really having fun. Our target has a big bullseye on it too. So he would typically hit a bullseye at least once during every session. I always made a big deal out of it and took his photo next to his bullseye. He was very proud of his shooting!

Be sure to make shooting sessions short. I let him shoot five arrows at a time and then he watches me shoot five arrows. We pull our arrows together. We usually do five rounds of this and then take a break. He usually doesnít get to drink soda at home but during this break we share a root beer. Itís just another thing that makes this time special in his mind.

The bow is very smooth and easy for him to pull back. He loves it but what has been really nice about it is there are no draw length settings so anyone can shoot it. My wife has never shot a gun or bow but picked up the Genesis bow and has enjoyed learning archery with my sonís bow. Itís an added bonus that I didnít even think about. The draw length range is 15Ē all the way up to 30Ē so even I can shoot it if I want to. If you have neighbor kids or friends that come over itís a great bow for introducing them to archery as well.

The Mathews Genesis is priced very affordably. I canít think of any negatives but there are a few things to be aware of. First off, the peak weight of the bow is 20 pounds. This is truly a target bow. Just because the camo version is camo does not make it a hunting bow. If youíre looking for something that can be a hunting bow, youíll need to upgrade later on. Your maximum effective target range is probably about 20 yards. My son shoots at 10 yards.

Overall, I give the Mathews Genesis an A rating. It is perfect for doing what it was intended to do. Itís few shortcomings are things the bow was never designed to do. If youíre looking for a bow to get a young archer excited about archery, the Mathews Genesis is the bow for you.


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