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When Should A Child Start Archery?

Daniel Ellyson | Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Youth Archery ClassYou never know what is going to spark a kidís interest in archery. Children these days can see archery in the movies, Olympics, summer camps, or even at a church or school event. No matter what created the interest, the time is now to introduce your child to archery. If you donít capture that spark, they will likely move on to other interests.

Sometimes archery can be confused with bowhunting. The reality is that archery is a stand- alone sport that millions of people around the world are active in. I bring this up because allot of people, especially bowhunters might believe that the time to get someone into archery is at a hunting age. Whether your childís ultimate goal is to be a bowhunter or just to shoot a bow, the time is now to start.

Advancements in the manufacturing of youth archery equipment have brought us the most user friendly and cost effective youth equipment ever made. There is now little reason not to explore archery for most kids of any ages. Bows like the Bear Apprentice 3, Bowtech Diamond Atomic, and the Mathews Mini-Genesis can be set up for kids as young as 3 years old.

Here are some recommendations for you when getting your child into Archery:

∑Visit your local archery club. Here you will find many people that love archery and will point in the right direction. Archers love to help grow the sport and will always take the opportunity to teach youngsters

∑Join a youth instructional league. Most communities will have a place where archery is taught by certified instructors and they will typically have bows for rent.

∑Be patient and support your child. Archery can be lifelong sport that will be very rewarding. There will be ups and downs when you first start in archery and I can tell you with firsthand experience that your support will be important to your childís success.

∑You should consider shooting a bow along with your child. This is an opportunity for you to do something with your child.

Archery is a sport that anyone can participate and you will truly get back what you put in. I have never met a child that has not wanted to shoot a bow, and I have never had a child shoot a bow and not smile!
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