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Is Archery Safe For Kids?

John " Little John" Landrith | Thursday, January 30, 2014

Did you know fewer than one in every 1,000 people participating in archery suffer any injuries? That statistic is very impressive compared to most outdoor sports. The reason can be directly related to the training that most beginning archers receive when first introduced to archery. Very rarely does someone just purchase a bow and go to the range.

Proper attire for the archery range

When dressing yourself or your child for the archery range, you will want to keep these tips in mind:

·For girls and boys with long hair it is very important to keep it out of the way of the bow once pulled back. You will want to make sure that their hair is pulled back and put into a pony tail.

·Make sure to wear an armguard, I recommend the Bohning Web Armguard. It will come in a variety of colors, but more importantly it will protect your arm in case the string hits it.

·Avoid loose fitting cloths, especially on the upper body.

·Scarves, hoods, or anything that could potentially drape over the bow should be avoided.

Inspecting the Equipment

Before shooting always properly inspect and maintain your equipment, this will include your bow and arrows. The bow should be age appropriate and fitted and tuned for you or your child. Inspect the following:

·Aluminum arrows can easily be inspected by looking over the shaft for any imperfections like a dent or a crack in the aluminum; you can also roll the arrow on a flat surface and look for a wobble. If any imperfections are found or the arrow is not straight break the arrow and discard it.

·Carbon arrows will rarely be bent without being broken. So, to inspect carbon arrows grab the arrow with one hand at the point and one hand on the nock and bend the arrow. If you hear a faint cracking noise come from the arrow or the arrow breaks, discard it. This will very important to do if you are shooting a single spot target and the arrows are contacting each other at the target.

·Your string and cables on the bow should be inspected before and after every shooting session. If you find a broken strand or loose serving you will want to get this fixed or replaced before attempting to shoot the bow.

Range Safety

When shooting at an archery range, be sure to follow the range’s rules and etiquette. You will be expected to know the rules before shooting, so please take the time to ask the staff or other archers if you need help. Here are some typical range rules.

·Make sure of your target and what is beyond

·Wait until all archers are done shooting and "clear” is called out. At this time it would be safe to go down range and retrieve our arrows.

·Wait until all archers are back behind the line before loading your bow.

·If you are not shooting, stay at least 6 feet behind the archers and keep you voice levels low.

·Never point your bow with a loaded arrow at any unauthorized target, including animals or another person.

Basic archery safety should be taught to all beginner archers before they shoot the bow for the first time. This will ensure that archery continues to have very low injury rates and will keep it fun and safe for all.

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