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Should I Buy A New Or Used Bow For My Child?

Daniel Ellyson | Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I received my first bow for Christmas over 25 years ago. I think that this was the first time Santa delivered exactly what was on my Christmas list, straight out of the Sears Christmas Catalog. I was the happiest kid that day, so excited to go out shooting with my Grandpa. There was only one problem, I couldn’t pull it back. I can remember it clearly today. I was pretty bummed out. While my brothers got to play with all their new toys, I just sat there holding my new bow and I had no idea what to do and neither did my parents.

Later that summer after school ended, my dad handed me $20 bucks and I rode my bike down to the local archery shop to see if I could get my bow set up to shoot. I was a 12 year old boy going to the archery shop with a $99 adult bow that came from Sears. Needless to say, the owner of that shop took my $20 for a $50 dollar job and got me set-up to shoot.

I tell this story countless times a year, so people understand where my roots in archery started. Because, I am now an owner of that same archery shop and I do my best to educate every parent on the proper equipment to purchase for their child.

When I am asked by a parent "should I buy a used or new bow?”, I will almost always tell them new. My Christmas bow story is really no different than buying a used bow. More often than not, you really don’t know what you are buying. I understand that not every situation is the same and there are good deals out there. Just take some time to educate yourself before you make a decision. I was lucky that I stuck with archery after such a disappointing beginning.

There are so many good youth bows available today that when you do a cost analysis of new vs. used, you will see that there is not much of a cost difference between the two. Here is a list of reason to buy new.

·Warranty. Every new compound bow that we sell on Youtharcherysupply.com comes with at least a 10 year warranty and most with lifetime warranties available to the original purchaser.

·New bows will almost certainly have the latest advancements in draw length and poundage adjustments.

·Parts of bows will inherently wear out, that include strings & cables, bushings, and axles. Be prepared to spend some money on replacement parts for used bows.

·Used bows produced prior to 2009 have limited adjustments for draw length and poundage.

I recommend the following new bows for kids 12 years old or younger

·Bear Apprentice 3

·Diamond Infinite Edge

·Diamond Atomic

·Mathews Genesis

·Mathews Mini-Genesis

If you have a question, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you in any way possible.

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