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How To Adjust Your Bow Sight

Dana KellerFriday, March 6, 2015

Having trouble getting your bow sighted in? Dana Keller breaks down how to move your sight to get the pins right on the money and improve your shooting. ...

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What is the difference between Original Genesis and Genesis Mini Bows?

Chris LarsenTuesday, May 6, 2014

What Genesis bow is right for you? The Original Genesis is perfect for many youth archers but for younger kids, the Genesis Mini is the right choice. ...

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Should I Buy A New Or Used Bow For My Child?

Daniel EllysonWednesday, February 5, 2014

A used bow is often cheaper than a new bow but when all things are considered a used bow is often not the most economical choice when purchasing a bow for your child. ...

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Is Archery Safe For Kids?

John " Little John" LandrithThursday, January 30, 2014

Did you know fewer than one in every 1,000 people participating in archery suffer any injuries? That statistic is very impressive compared to most outdoor sports. The reason can be directly related to the training that most beginning archers receive when first introduced to archery. ...

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When Should A Child Start Archery?

Daniel EllysonWednesday, January 29, 2014

When is the best time to start a kid in archery? As soon as possible! We've had kids as young as two shooting a bow on our range. Get them started as soon as they show interest. ...

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